About Us


"Skin, Health, Happiness" was created to help others love the skin they are in while learning and implementing things that can help them on their journey to Skin Health and Happiness.

As I struggled with skin issues, I became increasingly curious about my skin and what I could do to have the skin I so badly wanted. Almost 6 years ago, after losing a job that I held for almost 20 years, I decided that there was no better time to focus on me and my dreams. I signed up for classes to become an Esthetician and have been officially licensed since 2016.

During my studies and on the job experience, I have learned many things that have helped me to achieve my goals for better skin. But most of all I have enjoyed helping others obtain that same thing!

Though there are many factors that contribute to healthy skin, it is my goal to help you along the way. We will talk about products, usages, and other ways to improve your skin, self care and the happiness it can bring. I can't wait to take this journey with you!

All products are handmade, packaged, and shipped with the most care and love.


Yours truly,